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New DTF Gang Sheet Builder

New DTF Gang Sheet Builder

New Custom Gang Sheet Builder. Simply choose your size and click the "Build your own gang sheet" button below to start building your gang sheet. From there, upload your art, resize, arrange and save, then checkout. (Please do not mirror the images)

Need help? Don't hesitate to call or text 949-229-1164, 7 days a week.

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Build your own Gang Sheet

How to use with Heat Press

NOTE: Pre-Heat your Heat Press to reach 260+/- degrees. - HOT PEEL

1. Press your blank apparel on the side you will have your design, to give it a nice smooth surface.

2. Place your DTF Transfer in the exact location you want.

3. Cover your DTF Transfer with teflon on or parchment paper
of the same size or larger. This will help avoid your transfer from

4. Use your preheated Heat Press at 260 degrees to press down with medium pressure for 12 seconds.

5. Peel off the backing of your DTF transfer immediately (quickly).

6. Optional - Do a final press of 7-10 seconds using teflon or parchment paper

How to use with Home Iron

Using an iron:

1. Set your iron to the highest cotton setting without steam.

2. Preheat your garment for a few seconds to remove any moisture and wrinkles.

3. Place the transfer face down on the garment, making sure it's centered and aligned.

4. Apply firm and even pressure while moving the iron in a circular motion for about 20-30 seconds.

5. Peeling off the backing

6. Do a final press of 7-10 seconds using teflon or parchment paper


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